Warning! Do NOT read this like a book or a good story.


DARE is a diagram for understanding what goes wrong and how errors and weaknesses are key nutrients to your eventual successes and enduring strengths. Don’t get involved in the story; Andreas Dudàs has written a thinly veiled fable using an endearing but metaphoric polar bear for personalizing the path for growth in management, business, and leadership, but the bear is none other than yourself. Everything in DARE is about you, and the things that are happening to you, now, this week, and forever. Don’t resist. New found excellence is close by, in fact, all you need is to realize your own authenticity. DARE helps you step beyond fear in taking action toward a more fulfilling life at home and work. A masterplan for living and leading authentically.

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What the readers say


DARE is an impressive and gripping tale encouraging the reader to acknowledging his or her uniqueness and power of intuition. According to Andreas each individual leading people and his and her own life requires a thick skin and courage to dream and live to his and her own visions.

Tempra Magazine, Switzerland

Authenticity accounts for the really hot topic nowadays. In the form of an exciting narrative Andreas reveals possibilities of how to live authentically in a daily life. However, “DARE” is by far more than just a gripping tale. It is a truly encouraging book which enthuses not just leadership personalities but also all individuals seeking true fulfilment in life. The summary at the start of each short chapter and the last chapter “moments of reflection” revealing the core essence of the book make the book to a practical guide for our daily lives.

Exzellente Tagungshotel Germany, 6000 Newsletters

We are thrilled about your book. It is written with an enormously positive spirit and encourages all of us to live up to our visions and dreams.

HR Manager, Swiss Development Agency

Andreas describes in an exciting and griping narrative the journey and pattern of a life journey leading to authenticity and self-fulfilment and of how true leadership personalities are formed.

HR Today Magazine, Switzerland

A highly recommendable book revealing a lot of life wisdom in an understandable manner, which makes it very easy to implement the findings into our daily life.

Sonnwandeln Newspaper, Switzerland