Transformational Leadership through the Power & Wisdom within

The secret for coping with radical change, transforming companies & people
into high-energy organisations & leaders and
building a peaceful & healthy earth. 

– Becoming market leader in India against all odds –
– Converting intractable conflicts into powerful cooperation –
– Turning multibillion projects in crisis into a 2-digit million profit venture –
– Empowering desperate managers to become leaders with global Impact –
– Building Start-ups from scratch providing wealth to millions of people –


Benefit from Andreas Dudas’ Keynotes and more than 25 years of international top management experience. Get major Global Leadership Inputs for the transformation in a new era.


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Direct, clear, exciting and close to current events. Andreas Dudas offers deep insights into the daily life of modern global leaders and reveals how true transformation works.


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Andreas Dudas empowers people to find their own - global - path and to accept their uniqueness so as to unleash their full given potential and to live in abundance and wealth.


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Thank you for a touching and inspiring lecture on “Dare to be a global leader” recently in Zurich! Touching – in the way you openly shared your life’s moments of crisis and despair in which you learned important lessons for your life and career, and a lot about yourself. Inspiring – as your experiences and stories told a lot about how personal authenticity and living your values can open doors and help overcome the largest obstacles. Please go on telling your story, living by example and inspiring many more to dare to become an authentic leader.
Director Employee Transfer Lead, Bank Julius Bär, Zürich
Fascinating! Andreas’ charismatic way of speaking and the quality of his slides are not just making you to listen; they are taking you to that very place where you use all your senses so as not to miss a single insight from him. Provoking, encouraging, motivating, being honest, modest, open… this is Andreas’ way to carry you on his boat telling his personal story and convincing you to be authentic to yourself.
Irina Petkova, Director, PMI Switzerland, Geneva
Andreas has the ability to engage, involve and inspire even diverse audiences. His personal story and his presentation style are energizing and motivating. His arguments and rhetoric are extremely compelling. I recommend Andreas to anybody who wants to better understand “authentic leadership” and find ways to be more daring.
Carsten Sudhoff, Chairman & founder Circular Society, former Global Head HR, World Economic Forum
Andreas is a great inspirational speaker who communicates from heart to heart and encourages the audience to live trust in everyday life but especially also in the business world. Was very encouraging!! Would be wonderful, if there were more leaders exercicing and living trust as a basic value of life and work!
Barbara Jakob, Managing Partner at peoplefocus GmbH, Zurich

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