Transformation – the central theme in Andreas Dudas’ life


The decisive force for global transformation: Who shines from within, will be bringing others to sparkle.

Increasing complexity in a global environment

Burned-out employees. Loss of confidence in management. Conflicts. Resource scarcity. The demand for absolute transparency and a sustainable economy. A change of consciousness among customers and stakeholders. Or simply crises triggered by social and economic upheavals.

The future challenges facing companies are many and varied

Change of strategies, processes, or the corporate culture alone, are no longer sufficient to successfully address global challenges. There is much more to it: companies today need to transform completely in order to be viable into the future. Andreas Dudas supports people and thus companies to find their way back to their uniqueness as a whole. He provides them once again with maximum radiance, and mobilises the completely decisive power to transform challenges into successes. At the same time he creates the precondition for sustainable success on a healthy planet.

Transformation is the common thread in the life of Andreas Dudas, and at the same time his vocation. Already at a young age he unconsciously applied the decisive key principles, in order to lead projects in the billion range out of crisis, and transform them into profitable shape with huge additional profit. As a result, renowned corporations from around the world trust him with demanding transformational tasks:

  • led and is leading projects in the multi-billion range out of crisis, generating 2-digit millions in additional profits.
  • transformed an international company out of crisis into a sustainable business with global impact, and made it into the market leader in india in a period of 3 years.
  • settled several international conflicts in the context of implementing major projects in South-East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe. Provided the quarrelling parties with the decisive energy boost, transforming them into effective project teams.
  • helped and is helping managers in crisis to become outstanding (management) personalities who receive a high level of confidence, and realise the full potential of their employees.
  • is combining the forces of decentralized organizations in more than 20 countries into a large corporate group with a central organization, allowing for cost savings of 70 million Swiss francs, and thus ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • transformed mainly locally operating companies into global players.
  • inspired thousands of people and executives to live a fulfilled life, and supports them in making their mark.