On 17 October I will have the privilege to deliver 4 key note speeches in one single day at the Geneva English School. Early in the morning I will talk to roughly 200 students who are between 4 and 11 years old. My speech will revolve around “Dare! How YOU as the next generation of global leaders will make a global impact”. In the afternoon I will talk to 6o Business & HR Managers from 19 different countries and will deliver my signature talk “FASCINADE – The universal code for leaders attaining global excellence.” After this I will deliver another speech titled “Energize. How top leaders consolidate and maximize the energy of their employees.” I am looking forward to tis exciting day since I will meet many people passionate about empowering others to make this world a better place.

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28.Oktober bis 5.November 2019

- 9 Tage mit 30 inspirierenden Experten und MutmacherInnen

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- werde dir bewusst, wie Einzigartigkeit und Potentiale dein erfülltes Leben steuern

- entdecke dein einzigartiges Potential und mobilisiere dieses


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