More than 30 Countries on 4 Continents

As a top 100 & premium speaker Andreas, a Swiss citizen, inspires people & companies all over the world for personal & business transformation so as to create sustainable success & more profit through a new consciousness driven by authenticity, peace & collaboration. He is a worldwide leading expert for transforming troubled projects & ventures, settling intractable conflicts, converting troubled companies into market leaders in emerging markets such as India, building harmonious companies and developing the next generation of global leaders.

25 years of global leadership experience

in more than 30 countries on 4 continents in various large companies and industries in executive positions as chairman, member of the board, director & general manager of multi-billion engineering & energy projects

Expert Areas

Entry & development of emerging markets (India, South East Asia) International Management, Business Transformation, Success principles & consciousness for a new millennium, management of (Mega) projects, Authentic & global leadership with a primary focus on countries of the 2nd and 3rd world.


Shine … The golden path to global transformation

„I am convinced: each person is unique and has the ability and, above all, the right to shine!“

My mission is to be a model for people, to show them how to be proud of what they are carrying in their hearts, and how they can bravely express this with all their power! We need to dig deep into our hearts and show the deepest appreciation for the talents, abilities, and gifts that are uniquely ours so that others can come to enjoy and be transformed by them. This is how we will unfold our unique character to its fullest, enjoy work, and discover meaning and abundance in our lives. Then we start to shine from the inside out! At the same time, we will release the most powerful forces in the universe: respect and love for our fellow human beings and nature. This is the golden way to sustainable and peaceful development and the eventual transformation of our planet in the 21st century.

This prospect of a successful and prosperous future of peace and abundance for this and future generations encourages me every day to promote the awareness of uniqueness and authenticity with full power and joy, so that people, projects, and companies can be transformed into shining beacons of hope in every respect.


To transform companies and people with a new (leadership) awareness, enabling them to maximize personal gains and at the same time to sustainably solve the biggest challenges of mankind.

Some years ago Andreas Dudas set up his own companies, institutes, and foundations to unfold all of his strengths and fully develop his talents and creativity without limitations in the service of humankind. As an entrepreneur with passion, he fulfills his life's work each and every day with his whole heart:

“To transform businesses and people with a new (leadership) awareness that not only allows them to maximize personal profit, but also  solve the great challenges of humanity over the long term.”

The one does not exclude the other, although many still believe otherwise. On the contrary! In the coming decades, only those companies and people who use their unique abilities to pursue the authentic goal of generating genuine added value for all of humankind and nature will be able to maximize their personal value and true wealth and experience true abundance.

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