“Only those whose light shines out from within can help others to shine. This is the ultimate power for global transformation.”

Transformation is the road to change! It leads people and companies to embrace their uniqueness and allow them to shine with maximum brilliance to illuminate others. In a new era marked by uncertainty, increasing complexity, and global challenges, this is the ultimate path to sustainable business success and a healthy planet.”

Genuine. Exciting. Real life inspiration for real leaders. The decisive inspiration for transformation in a new era.

Plan the highlights of your events with Andreas Dudas

  • executive meetings
  • keynote lectures
  • kick-off events
  • conferences
  • customer events
  • employee events
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  • dinner speeches

and learn the key principles of successful transformation. Personal stories of victory and defeat and the way back to the top. Be energized by Andreas’ passion and drive yourself and your company to peak performance!  With years of proven techniques and lots of global real-world experience, Andreas Dudas provides the necessary inspiration and energy to help you create a future-oriented company that aims for top results globally, even under the most adverse circumstances.

New Global Leadership

The Universal Code for Global Success

Global companies are faced with increasingly complex tasks: The development of promising future markets. The Negotiations with people from foreign complex cultures. The building of powerful intercultural teams. We live in a globally networked environment and businesses around the world, therefore, deal with similar global challenges: progressive resource scarcity combined with an increasing complexity. The consequences are the general demand for absolute transparency and a sustainable business behavior.

However, the mere change of strategies, processes, or corporate culture alone are no longer sufficient to cope with such challenges. More and more companies and people recognize that a radical transformation of their (leadership)behavior, as well as their business models, is required to be ready for the future.

We all have not only a great opportunity, but also a great duty to make our environment sustainable and successful. Thus we all take – whether we work internationally or at home – global responsibility and will all become global leaders.

Andreas Dudas already applied at an early age – at that time rather unconsciously – the key success principles which lie dormant in all of us – to lead international billion projects out of a crisis or to tap into complex markets successfully.

As a result, global companies trust him with highly sophisticated transformation tasks. Which he solves based on the universal code for global success – this being the foundation for a sustainable future. In his captivating keynote you will get more inspiring insights into this unique universal code for global success:


FASCINATE – The universal code for global success

  • How to develop and strengthen intercultural teams
  • How leaders present themselves cross-culturally appreciatively and credibly and at the same time inspire people
  • Global Champions use „FASCINATE“ and will become fascinating „Pop Stars“ among the leaders

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Global Intelligence – Do you dare?

  • The 7 success principles to conquer any foreign culture and it's (business) challenges
  • How to correctly deal with praise and criticism in foreign cultures
  • How to use the SOLVE method and its tools to prevent conflict and to solve intercultural issues

Learn with this keynote how to leave impressive traces as a Global Leader and get valuable input in order to shape your business environment sustainably.

Maximum Radiance

Key Principles for the transformation in a new era


„I am convinced: Every person is unique and has the capability and above all the right to shine!“ – Andreas Dudas

How to make companies and people shine (again)

77% of all employees do not trust their management

63% do not believe in their leadership’s messages

83% are convinced that managers only act for their personal gain

Less than 40 % feel obliged towards their company

Less than 8% live their true calling

At the same time, our planet reaches its capacities to support continuous growth also in emerging markets. When people stop shining, companies and our planet as a whole lose their sparkle as well. Companies need new business models to enable sustainable success with a maximum of their employees’ energy to positively combat scarce resources and to face all upcoming global challenges. The decisive factor in this is a new awareness and a radical shift in thinking!

During his 25 years of leadership experience in more than 30 countries and different industries, Andreas Dudas succeeded in transforming numerous conflicts into successes. He brought a billion projects back on track, accompanied companies on their way to market leaders, developed managers with trust issues to outstanding leaders and showed employees how to leave fascinating traces and experience abundance.

He transformed his exceptional experiences into universal insights which ensure the successful transformation of any huge challenges.

His keynotes move his public’s hearts and souls and make them shine! He shows leaders and employees the most important key principles how to transform challenges into sustainable success and more profit. For the benefit of all!


You learn

  • Why companies have stopped shining
  • How companies find their sparkle again
  • The biggest barriers standing against successful transformation
  • Key principles and the formula for a sustainable successful transformation process
  • Key measures for rapid implementation
  • The long-term benefit of all these measures

Motivation for Peak Performance

How to achieve anything, even in times of crisis and Radical Change


The current situation of many companies as well as the planet as a whole reflects the state of mind of many employees today. Many are burned out, barely motivated and overburdened.

Fewer than 8% are actually doing what they enjoy. Fewer than 40% have an emotional attachment to the companies they work for. Many simply work by the book and look forward to finishing their workday so that they can finally pursue the activities they are truly enthusiastic about. We often stay in our comfort zone due to fear, doubt or because we strive for perfection, and simply let worthwhile goals fall to the side. In an intercultural context, these motivational constraints are greatly intensified by social norms, false beliefs, and existing social structures. At the same time, the new generation of millennials – both as employees and customers – pose a challenge to companies: they are searching for meaning, freedom and want to be an active part of the bigger picture.

By doing the same, companies can achieve anything, even in times of radical change or crisis – for themselves and for all of humanity – so long as they can mobilize the untapped charisma of their employees. Successful companies know that: “Only those who are themselves shining can make other people shine.”

As an executive and global entrepreneur, Andreas Dudas has repeatedly demonstrated how companies can achieve peak performance, even under the most adverse circumstances, with the universal formula for CHARISMA.

Learn in detail:

  • Why, in the 21st century, it is no longer just about Motivation
  • How to get started on the path towards maximum performance in 10 simple steps
  • Why purpose and appreciation give companies a real energy boost
  • How to turn employees into real entrepreneurs with the empowerment matrix
  • How to succeed at luring people out of their comfort zone

The Power of Change

The prerequisite for success

Restructuring. Projects at the precipice of failure. Conflicts. Stagnant markets. Burnt-out bosses and employees. Falling margins. Difficulties entering new markets.
Even everyday challenges are forcing companies to change ever faster. Future trends can’t be ignored and millennials, the true driving force behind radical transformation and the customers and employees of tomorrow, are trying to find purpose and want to be part of the bigger picture. Many companies will have to change their business models radically to remain fit for the future. Even simple changes – let alone radical transformations – trigger massive resistance and fear, and can literally paralyze employees and entire companies. It is at this very point when it is important to make every employee realize that, as small cogs in the machine, they can either gum up the works or help get things moving!

Andreas Dudas has transformed global enterprises in the most difficult circumstances and knows what he is talking about when he uses his exceptional combination of professional expertise, global leadership experience and focused motivation to show companies and their employees how to bring about sustainable change to achieve global success, even under the most adverse of circumstances.

Learn more in detail:
• What the key barriers in situations of change are and how to eliminate them
• How to motivate employees for new, unfamiliar tasks
• How to transform your biggest adversaries into enthusiastic allies
• How to lure people out of their comfort zone and make them literally addicted to change
• How to mobilize vital energy for sustainable change
• The 10 universal principles for success that transform even the most difficult situation into lasting success
• What sustainable business models look like and what steps you can take to achieve ultimate, global success

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